The College of Veterinary Medicine organizes a training course on the Role of laboratory supervisors and officials in activating the documents of records of procedural Methods of laboratories) 

Under the patronage of the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Wefaq Jubouri Al-Bazi, the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Karbala organized an in-person training course titled (The Role of Laboratory Supervisors and Officials in Activating the Documents of Laboratory Procedural Methods of     laboratories ) with the participation of laboratory officials at the college and its employees, in which Dr.Khawla  Ibrahim,Asawer Assad, Assistant lecturer Mustafa Abdel Kareem conducted the lectures on the chemistry lab for three days from


    The course aims to train laboratory officials and supervisors and workers on the importance of controlling the activation and continuous updating of documents and records which are necessary to manage the quality of educational laboratories in order to ensure that circulated documents and information are certified, updated and controlled.

    The lecturers on the training course showed a statement of taking corrective measures to remove the causes of non-conformity in laboratories, clarifying the tasks of laboratory supervisors and officials to avoid conflicting tasks and smoothly updating laboratory records.

    The training course included several axes, including: 

The first day: clarification of the applied foundations in the axes of the procedural methods records.

The second day: the role of the internal auditor in following up the activation of the procedural documents.

The third day: a field application in activating the procedural documents in the College laboratories.
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