Efficacy of Neg,


Efficacy of Negilla sativa meal in modulating the oxidative stress
induced by benzo[a]pyrene exposures in broilers






Nigella sativa (Ns) has been employed for thousands of years as a spice and

food preservative and commonly used in folk medicine all over the world for the
treatment and prevention of a number of diseases and conditions. The aim of the
study was as an attempt to investigate the effect of Ns meal on the oxidative
stress (OS) following intra-tracheal (IT) administration of an air pollutant
benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) in broiler chickens. At day one of age, chicks were
divided into four groups comprising of 24 birds each, as controls, Ns, BaP-only,
and BaP with Ns. The antioxidant function of glutathione (GSH)









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