An entertaining and educational tour for orphans of the (( Al -Ain)) at Veterinary Hospital in cooperation with the veterinary medical staff and the Continuing Educational unit of the College of Veterinary Medicine

Under the direct supervision and follow-up by Professor Dr. Wifaq Jabouri Al-Bazi, and a joint cooperation by Dr. Wissam Abdul-Rasoخl Al-Jabri, Director manager of the Veterinary Hospital / Karbala,
the College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Karbala, in cooperation with the Veterinary Hospital

In the province, a group of children and adminsterator of the Al-Ain Foundation for Social Care, one of the civil society organizations affiliated with Dr. Rana Abdul-Ameer Jawad is a lecturer at the College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Karbala.
The visit included an introductory tour of the work of the dispensary, how to deal with the incoming sick cases, how to examine animals and deal with them, the work of the sonar device and some laboratory devices in the dispensary, as well as a group of scientific lectures of the most important common diseases in animals by Dr. Wissam and about fish by Dr. Afkar Abbas and about Parasites by M. Rana Abdul Ameer
Also, masks and hand sanitizers were distributed along with educational brochures about Corona virus provided by the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Veterinary Hospital, in addition to souvenirs.
At the end of the visit, the organizers of the Al Ain Foundation thanked and appreciated the continuous support by the College of Veterinary Medicine and the veterinary hospital at all

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