scientific Committee

The scientific committee consists of:

  • Proff. Asisstant Dr Muna Hussein Hussan
  • Lecturer. Dr. Ali Hussain Fadhil
  • Proff.Lecturer. Mayada Sahib Hassan
  • Lecturer. Dr. Ali Redha Abd
  • Lecturer. Dr. Raeed Abdul-mahdi Kassim

Tasks of Scientific Committee
• Formation of discussion committees for graduate students in the master’s and doctoral degrees according to the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Supervisory and Scientific Assessment No. GS / S / 2438 on 11/9/2017
• Consideration of requests and proposals submitted by faculty members in the department to amend the curricula in addition to and delete them and according to the percentage specified in the instructions and decide on them.
• Approval of the vocabulary of subjects and follow-up of the implementation of the curriculum and the number of units for subjects of preliminary studies.
• Recommending to the department council to approve the draft proposals for the PhD, MA and the fourth stage after reviewing and reviewing them in a way that serves the society and the scientific side in the department and submit proposals for its development.
• Follow up the scientific movement in the department and develop plans for its development.
• Registration and follow-up of research activity for all teachers and associates in the department.
• Opening development rounds in the section and nomination for development courses outside the department for all members of the department.
• Consider holding scientific conferences, seminars, seminars and workshops and making recommendations for holding them.
• Review methodological books and submit proposals for updating them.
• Study the curriculum and equivalence of the certificate of students transferred to the preliminary studies in the section and the proposal in the appropriate grade and recommending the lessons required lessons to be satisfied