Extracurricular Activities Division in the college of Veterinary Medicine

The Extracurricular Activities Division is concerned with encouraging students to show their talents and explore their hobbies and interests, as well as for cooperation between college students and other colleges to improve academic performance.

Tasks of this Division:

1-Nurturing and enhancing students’ athletic, artistic and cultural talents.
2- Preparing the annual plans for student activities and in various fields.
3-Supporting the university’s sports, artistic and cultural teams.
4-Holding internal tournaments for college students in various sports.
5-Holding artistic and cultural festivals in the college and enhancing cooperation with other colleges.
6-Equipping the participating teams with sports clothes, equipment, and technical needs
7-Promoting and organizing volunteer work for college students to serve the college’s communication with the community.
8- Contributing to supervising graduation ceremonies for students.
9-Supervising and maintaining sports halls and stadiums in the college.

The Extracurricular activities Division consists of three units
1) Scout unit
2)Athletic unit
3)Artistic unit
Assistant lec. Nawras Majeed Hameed