Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Library
The Library of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established at the opening of the College in 2008. The Library includes various types of books in all branches of veterinary medicine, from methodological books, some sources, research in veterinary and veterinary journals. The library includes over 3,600 books in animal management and veterinary anatomy Veterinary and veterinary sciences, statistics, genetics, animal physiology, life chemistry, veterinary medicines, microbiology, veterinary diseases, internal diseases, veterinary infectious diseases, veterinary parasites and others. And more than 400 magazines, and also contains scientific CD-ROMs more than 450 tablets, and the abundance of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine reading room and reading attached to the library. The Deanship of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has always appreciated the provision of all new books for the benefit of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from students and professors and the latest editions to keep abreast of the developments in the science of veterinary medicine