Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance

     The Quality Assurance and University Performance Division at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine seeks to promote a culture of quality concepts and evaluate performance in higher education and its role in the service of the individual and society and work to achieve the desired goal by working in a systematic and precise manner to improve performance according to the foundations of quality management systems Axis. As well as the involvement of faculty members of the faculty and staff in theoretical and practical courses and participate in seminars and conferences on the evaluation of university performance.

About Quality Assurance and University Performance:

Is an important division that seeks to advance the college’s status.

– Completing the calendar file of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / annually

– Performance evaluation of faculty members / annually

– Scientific research and ways of developing it through:

  1. Plan of conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars
  2. Research mission plan
  3. Graduate Plan

4 – Method of e – mail correspondence and follow – up website

5 – Pay attention to the Day of Knowledge

– Follow-up research and documentation of teachers, whether published or completed or planned

– Follow up books of thanks and appreciation and archived for promotion and evaluation

– Evaluation files include evaluation of senior leaders, teachers, employees and workers

– Documentation of the achievements of the College annually and includes the scientific axis and activities of students and the center of community service and surgical operations of the branch of surgery and obstetrics

– Follow-up updating curriculum and twinning programs between our college and other colleges both inside and outside Iraq.

– Develop the job description and prepare it within the job description of higher education institutions.


Functions of the Quality Assurance and Academic Performance Division for the academic year 2017-2018

the message:

To instill the concepts of quality in the college and its formations and to make the principles of the total quality of the philosophy of its operations and operations and its outstanding performance, and contribute to the building of society by providing the best in its work.


* After the formation of the quality council in the college, follow up the commitment of the sections and sections quality standards and the periodic reports of the Council of Quality in the college and evaluation to ensure the use of them in the actual application of quality standards and accreditation.

Creating the appropriate ways to spread the culture of quality in the college and circulate it to all branches and departments.

* Create a distinctive corner in the library specialized to collect information on quality systems and reliability for regional and international educational institutions

. Proposing the formation of sub-committees and task forces necessary to implement quality objectives and activities in the college.

* Setting clear standards for evaluating and improving the performance of faculty members in accordance with the law of university service.

* Work on building an integrated system to evaluate and improve the performance of administrative staff in all relevant aspects.

. Work on building an integrated system for continuous self-evaluation of all college operations and operations *

* Implementation of appropriate training programs according to the needs of the actual application of quality programs approved for the staff working in the department or college.

. * Develop a plan to implement the quality program in the branches and sections and on the predefined quality objectives

* Develop detailed data and statistics on colleges, institutes, centers and sections in

* Follow up the implementation of the system adopted through the rounds of auditing and periodic evaluation of sites and follow up the effectiveness of its performance.


Quality Assurance and University Performance Officer

Lecturer Assistant Faris Omran