common questions

1. Where is the College of Veterinary Medicine located?
A: The College of Veterinary Medicine is located in the university of Karbala region of Fariha – Babel Road
2. How many years of college study
A: Five years
3. What are the admission rates in the College of Veterinary Medicine?
A: 70% – 85%.
4. What is the certificate granted to graduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine?
A: General veterinary medicine and surgery
5. Is the admission directly to the college?
A: It is indirect because it is within the central acceptance plan
6. Are there post graduate studies in one of the branches of the college?
A: Yes, there is a master’s degree in the branch of physiology and general health
7. What is the certificate granted by this branch?
A: Master of Veterinary Physiology, master of public health
8. Is the study in Arabic or English?
A: The English language
9. Is there an opportunity to set
The first is for a batch master
A: Yes there are
10. Graduates of any colleges accepted for postgraduate studies
College of Veterinary Medicine:

  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • faculty of Pharmacy
  • College of Sciences (Department of Life Sciences)
    College of Applied Medical Sciences (Department of Pathological Analysis)
  • College of Medical Technology (Department of Community Health) and (Department of Pathological Analysis)