Theses of the branch of physiology, biochemistry and medicine


thesis title

student’s name

the year
1The protective role of tomato powder on
some physiological parameters in
rats induced chronic renal failure
Alaa Hashim Al-Qutb 2018-2019
2 Association of growth hormone gene polymorphism with body weight
performance and some physiological traits of sheep in Kerbela Governorate
fatima abdel mohsen 2018-2019
3Efficacy of grape seed extract on contaminated feed with aflatoxin on some
  biochemical , hematological parameters and performance of broiler chickens
alaa said abdullah 2018-2019
4 Effect of using  probiotic
, prebiotic and synbiotic of
some physiological traits and growth performance  of  Broiler chicken
rafal abdul hadi 2018-2019
5 Study of relationship between
(pit-1)gene polymorphism and milk yield and some
blood hormonal  parameters in crossbred  dairy cows in Kerbela province
afrah kamel zibeel 2018-2019