Graduate Studies Division

            Postgraduate studies started in the college since the academic year 2016-2017 in veterinary medical specialties. The master’s degree was awarded to the Department of Physiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry.
The study system is based on academic courses (courses) during the first preparatory year and research during the second year for masters.
The Division of Postgraduate Studies is responsible for following up on graduate students from the beginning of registration and admission until their graduation, and following up on their study requirements such as letters of support, awarded vacations, enrollment lettering, issuance of documents … … etc.
And then keep everything related to their studies in their personal files.
Members of the Graduate Studies Committee
Prof.Dr. Ayed Hameed Hassan
Lecturer Dr. Raaed Abdul-Mahdi Qassim
Lecturer. Saja Rehman Kareem
Tasks assigned to the Graduate Studies Division are
Supervising and auditing the annual provision of vacation.
Supervising and following up the procedures for submitting students to postgraduate studies annually.
Supervising and following up the implementation of the Ministry’s instructions regarding application, admission, extension, postponement, and promotion of registration for postgraduate students.
Answer the validity of the issuances related to postgraduate students’ graduation orders.
Certification and issuance of documents for postgraduate students.
The scientific branches that contain postgraduate studies in the college
Physiology, Biochemistry and Medicines Branch
Public Health Branch

Division official
Lecturer Dr. Raaed Abdul-Mahdi Qassim