students Affairs



The registration department was established in parallel with the establishment of the college in 2008, and is seeking to complete the registration and acceptance of the transfer, hosting and modification of students’ candidacy, follow up and answer all inquiries from the college departments regarding the students and standardize the admission plan for the morning and evening studies. Bachelor’s degree, graduation documents and wall certificates.

 Receiving and registering new students and preparing administrative orders for admission of new students who are registered centrally in our college with a letter to the President of the University for the purpose of signing, documenting and official work.

  • Check the safety of admission based on what is stated in the admission instructions issued by the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Follow-up the validity of the issuance of student documents received centrally with the departments of education in the provinces from which the student graduated.
  • Issuing administrative orders concerning the Students Discipline Law in the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 160 of 2007, as amended.

 Follow up student absences and issue administrative orders according to the prescribed hours for each subject.

 Issuing the validity of the issuance after being audited by the competent employee and printing it and sending it to all the departments of the state according to the mission

  • Follow-up of the application of the exam instructions.
  • Follow-up procedures for the transfer and hosting of students and the audit of the procedures carried out in the colleges based on the provisions of the instructions in force.

 Prepare lists of names for graduate students.

 Preparing the admission plan in light of the proposal of the colleges based on the absorptive capacity in the scientific departments, which is approved by the college councils and approved by the university council.

  • Follow up cases of fraud in the faculties and the legal procedures taken on them.

 Post the names of the graduate students on the university website.

Follow up students during the summer vacation in summer training in coordination with the relevant departments.

Responding to the inquiries of the Ministry or the University and presenting the opinion and the uncles of books and instructions received from the Ministry to the colleges.

Tasks of the Director of the Department:

The tasks of the Director of the Division are to be fully briefed and followed up on all books issued and imported to the student from the beginning of his registration to his graduation, participation in the work of the sub-committees and the main section of the Division, issuance of admission, transport and hosting orders and student discipline orders in the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 160 of 2007.

Some other tasks ….

File Official

 The employee is responsible for preparing the college guide at the beginning of the academic year and after the end of the academic year with the names of the graduates’ students and their personal photos

إ Preparing students ‘files and keeping them in the tape room. Realizing the reality of students’ affairs during the academic year.

 Prepare the orders in coordination with the registration department and keep each book issued to the students who deserve to upgrade the registration and prepare the orders for the deferred students.

  • Provide students with the support of the social welfare departments to prepare statistics for students in the College periodically and sent to the presidency of the University.

Absences Employee

Because our college is a college with a single department, it is easy for a staff member to register

 Preparing lists of stages and adding lessons and the number of units and hours for the subjects, which are provided to us by the members of the examination committees and its head.

 Directly calculating the absenteeism rates and issuing absences orders from the order of alert to final warning where the student warns of a written commitment based on the hours exceeded by the absence of material that is deposited in that article.

Database and archiving staff: –

 Entering the special inputs for an accredited program at the university’s head office, where he enters the database for students for all school years and saves them with high accuracy.

Electronic archiving of any data and special measures for each student in our college


Graduate Support Officer and Documentation

The duties are to keep the grades of the graduate students approved by the head of the examination committee and the registration officer and the dean of the college, which is considered an official document provided by the graduate in accordance with the law and the instructions in force.

 Print, issue, and provide the graduates with murals, supports or documents in degrees, as well as without degrees, each according to demand.