The successful operation of an umbilical hernia of a cow was conducted by students of the College of Veterinary Medicine

            A number of students of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Karbala residing in the veterinary clinic in Al-Husayniyah region successfully operated on cattle afflicted with an umbilical hernia in one of the cattle breeding fields in the region.
Dr. Abbas Khudair said that the operation was performed successfully, explaining that the steps of the operation were to starve the animal for 12 hours, then shave the site of the operation, wash the area with soap and water, and then sterilize it with alcohol, tie the visible veins under the skin, and give the lidocaine 2% by the local infiltration method to be done after it opens the layer of skin and the tissues beneath the skin is in the shape of a crescent with the hernia area close to the male genital organ and the subcutaneous tissue layer was also separated from around the hernia with blunt dissection until the hernia ring appeared in all directions and the edges of the hernial ring were renewed and then sutured in a simple horizental mattirs suture using the (cut gut) thread and then sewing a second row of the same loop in the manner of (simple interrupted suture) by the (gut gut) thread
And giving the necessary antibiotics locally and systemically.
Noting that the breeder was directed to take care of the animal by reducing its movement and not giving the animal green fodder in large quantities to avoid pressure on the operation area.

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