About the Division of Studies and Planning

Reasons for establishing
Determining the future direction of scientific, administrative and educational in scientific institutions, through the embodiment of a set of decisions and administrative practices that show the best performance of the College and draw strategies that are compatible with the challenges of the age.

First: – Continue to identify the future needs of the faculty and branch through expansions in the development of scientific branches and work on scheduling these needs.
Second: – Explains the relationship between the planner and the planned planning in the field of study and application
Third: – Explain the developmental goals sought by the Division of Studies and Planning.

Tasks and duties of the Division

  • Preparation of reports on studies and planning at the university level and statistics for teachers, students and staff.
  • Organize a database on the activities and work of the Division.
  • Preparing statistical reports on the preparation of training,
  • Preparing statistical reports on the preparation of training, technicians, employees and students.
  • Make a database for all employees in the college (owners – contracts)
  • Completion of university statistics, scientific plan and annual report.