Division Of Continuing Education

In View Of The Importance Of Knowledge Building To The Individual And Society To Meet The Requirements And Vocabulary Of Everyday Life And Turn It Into An Applied Character Plays A Key Role In The Advancement Of Intellectual And Scientific Development And Its Economic, Social,  Cultural, And Scientific Consequences. Therefore, Continuing Education Plays The Essential Role In This Confrontation And The Sustainability Of This Knowledge Production Of Peoples As Well As Helping The Individual To Face These The Variables In The Field Of Work Until The Integration Of Man And His Environment And The Mobilization Of Human Potential And Development And The Promotion Of Self-Learning At The Level Of The Individual And The Community Through Techniques Reached By The Human Mind From Time To Time, Training And Development Of The Reality Of Life Track Variables.

The Continuing Education Division Of The College Works In A Distinctive Way To Provide Training Courses

The Message
The Division Of Continuing Education Seeks To Provide Training, Awareness And Educational Services To The College And To Various State Institutions And The Different Segments Of Society Using Techniques According To The Overall Quality Standards.

• Providing Training Services To Different Segments Of Society
• Developing And Training Human, Professional, Administrative And Academic Cadres In The Various State Institutions
• Work On Updating And Developing Training Materials And Methods Through Specialized Programs That Meet The Needs Of The Community

Functions Of The Division
• Organizing Training Courses In The Different Scientific Fields Through Which The Needs Of University Employees And Different State Institutions Are Met At The Beginning Of Each New Academic Year To Keep Pace With Scientific Developments.
• Holding Seminars, Seminars And Scientific Workshops On Topics Related To The Fields Of Work And Competence Of The Institutions.
• Work On The Nomination Of Teachers And Staff To Participate In Training Courses That Fit Their Competencies.
• Effective And Constructive Cooperation With The Rest Of The Various Governmental Institutions And Departments And Other Governmental Bodies To Serve The Needs Of Different Segments Of Society.
• Prepare, Organize And Implement Multiple Training Programs That Have An Effective Impact In Serving And Enhancing Community Outreach.
• Work To Provide The Required Requirements In The Establishment Of Courses And Seminars.
• Achieve Academic, Scientific, Cultural And Social Communication Between The Components Of The University Life And Its Surroundings To Suit The Requirements Of The Community.

Division Officer

 lecturer Rana Abdul Ameer Jawad