Rehabilitation and Employment Unit

Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Unit

(Rehabilitation, recruitment and follow-up unit), which is concerned with communicating with the students of the graduate and postgraduate stages and qualifying them through a range of programs and workshops, as well as extending the bridges of interaction between the students and the labor market represented by the government sector and the local and international private sector and marketing them to it. All state institutions must keep pace with scientific and practical developments.

 Overall Objective:

The Rehabilitation Unit aims at assisting the students of the final stages and graduates of the veterinary colleges at Karbala University to develop and build their own capacities, scientific, applied and life skills, in line with the labor market, giving them the opportunity to compete for jobs after their graduation in both public and private sectors.


University graduates will have the ability to clearly distinguish academic and professional goals, as well as to enhance decision-making capabilities as well as to develop and build the scientific, practical and personal skills and abilities of veterinary students in line with the local requirements of the labor market to the nominal goal of having a selective and competitive vision to achieve Academic goals and career management.

Objectives of the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit:

  1. Work on the development of career specialization based on the skills and interests of the student through access to educational and professional information to help develop the career path of the student.

2 – Communicate with the scientific development taking place in the world.

3 – Selection of academic programs appropriate to the capabilities of the student and other opportunities that increase the educational and functional options in the future.

  1. Follow-up of graduates after employment, and to indicate the strengths and weaknesses in their performance and to submit periodic reports to their colleges on the amendment of the curricula as required by the labor market.

Functions of the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit:

1 – Preparation and implementation of training programs and workshops for students and graduates of veterinary colleges for the purpose of entry and strongly in the labor market.

2 – Work on the employment of graduates by contacting private and government companies to find jobs that suit their aspirations and the academic experience gained in their universities and training experience in the rehabilitation and employment and follow-up unit.

3 – The Rehabilitation and Employment Unit helps students to present themselves professionally by training them on topics such as writing CV, interviewing skills and other skills.

4 – Emphasize the role of the teaching staff in supporting the rehabilitation and employment unit through participation in the establishment of workshops and training courses.

5 – Open channels of cooperation and building relations between the university and the private sector.

6 – Hold the  innovative students and innovators and marketing their products to the labor market.

7 – Establishing a database for students expected to graduate and graduates.

8 – Find job opportunities for graduates taking into account the priority of the nomination of registrants within the databases of trainees within the programs prepared by the Center.

  1. The main objective of the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit is to increase the employment opportunities for students and graduates.


Head of Rehabilitation and Employment Unit

Prof.Assistant Dr. Ali Jasim Jaffar