The College of Veterinary Medicine organizes an electronic workshop entitled “Isolation, Characterization and Genotyping of Influenza Virus in Birds”

Under the auspices of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Khalil Al-Saidi, under the supervision of Mrs. Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Professor Dr. Wefak Jabouri Al-Bazi, as per the directives of the Ministry, and within the scientific activity of the Diseases and Poultry Diseases Branch, an electronic workshop was held entitled ((isolation, characterization and genotyping of the influenza virus in birds)) delivered by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Kadhim Hussain and . lecturer asisstant Nameer Ibrahim Muhammad, on Wednesday, June 24/2020, on the free conference call platform.
The aim of the workshop was /
Explain how to isolate, characterize, and diagnose the virus
Also, its genotyping and knowledge of the virulence factors the virus possesses
– Show the most important clinical signs and macroscopic lesions of the virus.
The lecturer explained that
This type of virus is important and its viruses vary from strain to strain and from animal to animal of different ages that this virus infects.
The possibility of producing an effective vaccine, if it is alive, weakened or killed, and gives full immunity
– To adopt methods of prevention and control of this disease
Several recommendations were adopted
Isolation and characterization of local viral strains that cause infection
Establish an advanced laboratory to produce vaccines from the local serotype of virus
Support, material and moral for university professors and researchers to follow up on this and other diseases.
asking God protect you and you from all diseases, asking the Almighty to protect you, take care of you, and protect our beloved Iraq and our holy city, that He will hear and answer.