The College of Veterinary Medicine organized an electronic workshop about fishkeeping and the most important viral diseases

       Under the supervision of the President of the University Prof. Dr. Basem Khalil Al-Saeedi, and the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Dr. Wifaq Jabouri Al-Bazi.
According to the Ministry’s directives and within the scientific activity of the poultry and fish Diseases Branch, in cooperation with the Veterinary Hospital in Holy Kerbala, an electronic workshop was held about fishkeeping and the most important viral diseases, Koi Herpes Virus. Lectured by Amir Hadawi Zughairoun / lecturer in the branch and Dr. Afkar Abbas Fadel / Master of fish diseases and responsible for the fish unit at the Veterinary Hospital of the Holy Kerbala. Through the FCC programm
The aims of the workshop were introducing fishkeeping and the most common important viruses in Iraq at this time, and the ways to avoid Infection.
Dr. Amir cleared the methods for fishkeeping, aquarium building, types of fish selection and fish feed useage.
Dr. Afkar explained Koi herpes virus and its importance due to the high rate of mortality it causes and the economic loss to breeders, as its source was koi fish that discovered since 1998 in America and Israel.
Now it is prevalent in most countries of the world and a vaccine for this virus has been produced in most countries
As for the recommendations, 1) Preventing the the viral infection by following veterinary instructions and improving keeping conditions, isolation and characterization of the local viral strains that causes Infection. 2)Establishing an advanced laboratory for the production of vaccines from local strains. 3)Providing a scientific, financial and moral support for professors and researchers to discover this disease and the others