The College of Veterinary Medicine organized an online seminar about drugs and addiction

         Under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Dr. Wifaq Jabouri Al-Bazi, in cooperation with the College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Baghdad and the College of Law /University of Kerbala, organized an online seminar entitled ((Drugs and Addiction … The Tragedy of Contemporary Society)) lectured by Prof. Orouba Muhammad Saeed Ibrahim / University of Baghdad and Assistant Prof. Dr. Haider Hussain Ali / College of Law.
The lecture referred to the types of drugs, their impact and how to prevent them, reviewing the effects resulting from drug abuse and drug trafficking on the user, his family and Society. which is considered one of the most dangerous scourges of the age because it has become a distress and obsession for everyone, in addition to dealing with electronic addiction and its consequences.
This seminar also aims to build a knowledge base on the issue of drugs, while drawing an integrated program for evaluation, follow-up, implementation of programs and activities for drug prevention, preparing youth and empowering them to combat smoking and drugs.