The College of Veterinary Medicine organized an attendance workshop entitled “Operation of Maintaining and Preserving Cancer Cell Line”

             Under the supervision of the dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine /University of Kerbala, Prof. Dr. Wifaq Al-Bazi, and within the activities of the Continuing Education Division, the Diseases and Poultry and Fish Diseases Branch organized an attendance workshop under the title ((Operation of Maintaining and Preserving the Cancer Cell Line)) in which Assistant lec. Iman Jawad Jaber in the Pathology Laboratory with the participation of the Dean of the College and a number of faculty and associates.
The training course aimed to introduce participants to how to preserve, develop and multiply cancer cells in the laboratory with the aim of using them for laboratory experiments and scientific research.
The workshop included a detailed explanation of the cancer cell line, which consists of extracting and isolating cancer cells from the living body and developing them in special vessels in the laboratory outside the body and providing their own environment to keep dividing and multiplying in the vessels continuously for many years. The cells are preserved in liquid nitrogen to be ready for scientific research at any time the scientific researcher needs them, or they are continued to be developed in the cell culture community and transferred every period to new vessels to be at the service of the scientific researcher.

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