The College of Veterinary Medicine organized an electronic scientific seminar about raising and caring for pet birds at home

            The Rehabilitation and Employment Unit at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Kerbala / Branch of diseases, and poultry and fish diseases organized a scientific seminar entitled ((Breeding and Caring of Ornamental Birds at Home)) in which Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Kadhim Hussein attended with the participation of a number of university affiliates and graduates on the free conference call program.
The seminar aimed to familiarize the participants with the importance of raising ornamental birds in homes and methods of caring for, treating and preserving them from transmissible diseases.
The scientific seminar included addressing the most basic matters in breeding and caring , which included the most important species that can be raised at home with the provision of the appropriate place for them and the method of feeding and proper care and taking the necessary precautions to avoid the transmission of common diseases between birds and humans, including in particular parakeet disease. (Chlamydiosis) and Avian Influenza, in addition to fungal and parasitic diseases, with the need to take veterinary health advice to ensure the safety and health of these birds.