Discussing graduation research for undergraduate students in the College of Veterinary Medicine

 Under the Supervision of Prof. Dr. Bassem Khalil Nayel Al-Saidi, President of the University of Kerbala, and under the direct supervision of Prof. Dr. Wefaq Al-Bazi, Dean of the College, the activities of the Sixth Student Conference took place at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kerbala University to discuss graduation research for undergraduate students for the academic year 2020/2021, which was organized by the College in the presence of all the teaching staff and students of fifth grade .
The conference syllabus included:
* Reading verses from the Holy Quran, after that playing the national anthem, and the speech of the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Wefaq Jubouri Al-Bazi. As well as , the students joined the discussion rooms for basic and clinical research, which numbered (41 research) distributed as 20 basic research and 21 clinical research.
At the conclusion of the conference, the winning research in clinical sciences was selected:
Serological and biochemical study of Rift Valley fever in aborted ewes of Karbala province
Supervisor name
Assistant Prof. Dr. Mohamed Asaad Saleh
student’s name
Hassan Malik Muhammad
Karar Ali Kazem

The winning research in basic sciences:
Histological effect of Motilium on the activity of parietal cells by inhalation of H pump protein in rabbit stomach
Supervisor name
Assistant Prof. Dr. Hussein Bashar Mahmoud
student’s name
Fatima Amin Abbas
Amina Shaker Ghadeer.
It is worth noting that the two winning researches will be nominated, and one of them will be nominated to participate in the Student Conference of the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in Iraq, which will be held on 1/7/202 1.

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