The College of Veterinary Medicine, in cooperation with the Red Crescent Society, organizeed a campaign to disinfect the halls and the rooms of branches of the college

The College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Kerbala, in cooperation with the Red Crescent Society /Karbala branch, organized a wide campaign of sterilization that included the deanship, divisions and branches of the college.
The campaign aimed to prevent infection with the Corona virus by disinfecting the places and surfaces where the virus can spread through contaminated surfaces that are frequently touched, and to preserve the health and safety of students, teaching and professional staff, and to prevent them from contracting this epidemic.
For there part, the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Wefaq Jubouri Al-Bazi, praised the efforts made, expressing her thanks to the Iraqi Red Crescent Society for the humanitarian, social and health services it provides to all segments of Iraqi society, including the University of Karbala, and presented them with a certificate of appreciation as an expression of thanks and gratitude.

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