To develop the reality of the governorates and achieve development.. The Ministry of Higher Education issues a book on universities in the service of society

Proceeding from its scientific and academic vision and commitment to its national responsibilities in the relentless pursuit of solving the problems facing the development environment in our honorable Iraqi governorates, and pursuant to the strategy of scientific research and investing its results in improving and developing public service areas, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the issuance of its book titled (Universities in Community Service) for the House University for printing and under direct ministerial supervision.

The scientific articles in the book, were divided into four parts, focused on studies and visions from the Iraqi universities’ operator through the use of modern science and technologies to overcome obstacles and provide industrial, urban, economic, agricultural, health, environmental, water, tourism, educational, administrative, social and cultural solutions in the light of the specializations, tasks and objectives of Iraqi universities that adopt a path An authentic interaction with society and its requirements, which require a solid partnership with all state institutions.

In this context, the Ministry of Education appreciates the efforts of all its universities in adopting specific priorities in directing the compass of scientific research and intertwining the feasibility of studies with the extent of their contribution to community service and securing its aspirations.

On this occasion, the Ministry calls on the executive institutions, local administrations and all events to adopt the procedural plans and consultations proposed in the book and implement them on the ground in support of the principle of integration and cooperation and to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

*Department of Relations and Information*
*Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research*
*7 July 2021*


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