The participation of the professor of the College of Veterinary Medicine in discussing a master’s thesis at the University of Babylon

Prof. Dr. Ihsan Muhammad Al-Zughaibi participated in a committee to discuss a master’s thesis at the University of Babylon/College of Science for Girls and at the Martyr Mustafa Al-Adhari hall for the student (Hussam Saad Al-Khalidi), entiteled
((Biological Activity Evaluation of Some Medical Plant Extract Against Parasitic Diarrhea Causative in White Mice))
The thesis dealt with evaluating the biological efficacy of five types of aqueous extracts of medicinal plants in treating mice experimentally infected with amoeba that causes bloody diarrhea known as amoebic dysentery and isolated from parasitic patients hospitalized in Al-Hilla Teaching Hospital, comparing the effect of using these extracts with the effect of using metronidazole for another group of the mice used in this study.
The study was approved with a grade of (excellent).