The beginning of the final electronic exams for the second semester of theoretical lessons at the College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Karbala for the academic year 2020-2021

The College of Veterinary Medicine /University of Kerbala has started conducting the theoretical electronic exams for students of primary studies and for all stages for the academic year 2020-2021 through the Google classroom platform.
The course of the exam process was followed up electronically by the Central Committee, which is chaired by the Dean of the College, where she said: Since we are taking the final electronic exams, we feel great pride in challenging the difficulties despite the spread of the Corona pandemic.
The Dean extended her thanks and gratitude to the Examination Committee, the faculty members and all the faculty staff for their combined efforts to run the current academic year. Note that, the final exam was held for students of the first and third stage today , and exams will be held for the other stages, respectively, according to the announced schedule for students.

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