The participation of students of the College of Veterinary Medicine in a workshop within the summer training program

The students of the fourth stage in the Colleg؛ e of Veterinary Medicine, under the supervision of the Director of the Continuous Education Division, Dr. Rana Abdul-Amir, participated in the workshop, which was organized by the Veterinary Hospital in Kerbala, with the title ((Biological monitoring at the field level in Iraq for the causes of dangerous cross-border diseases)).
The workshop aimed to train veterinarians, participants and trainee students on monitoring, follow-up and biological control of serious transboundary diseases, and reporting and rapid reporting of them to the competent veterinary authorities.
It included methods of clinical diagnosis, histopathology, and methods of collecting and preserving samples and sending them to the laboratory to confirm the infection.
As well as the most important laboratory tests for the causative agent and antibodies and how to take pathological samples for acute and chronic cases.
At the conclusion of the workshop, Dr. Fouada Adel Kazem presented a statistical summary on the most important epidemiological diseases that affected poultry and ruminants in Kerbala governorate in the last 5 years, along with how to deal with such cases and how to submit the epidemiological report for such cases.

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