Discussion of a Master’s Thesis in Physiology, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine /University of Kerbala for the student Athmar Aqil Hussein

A master’s thesis was discussed in the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Kerbala, in the branch of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, by the student (Athmar Aqil Hussein Al-Shamry), entiteled with :
((Prophylactic effect of clove leaf extract on improving physiological changes in alcoholic liver disease))
And that will be on Thursday 10/14/2021 in the discussion hall in the college, in the presence of a number of professors and the student’s family. The discussion and supervision committee formed from Prof. Dr. Haider Saleh Jafat (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Zainab Shnior Mahdi (Member) , Assistant Prof. Dr. Rana Fadel Musa, (Member) , Assistant Prof. Wafaa Kazem Jassem, (Member and Supervisor) .
The thesis aimed to studying the antioxidant properties of cloves and evaluating the hepatoprotective activity of clove leaf extract for alcoholic liver condition.
The thesis included the detection of the antioxidant property of clove leaf extract on alcohol-induced liver damage by identifying enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants and determining liver function tests, lipid levels and histological changes in the liver.
The thesis also discussed the results reached by the researcher that the phenolic substances in clove leaf extract improve the state of alcoholic liver through its antioxidant activity.
The thesis was approved with excelent degree . Congratulations to the student. We wish all postgraduate students success and progress

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