A professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine held a scientific workshop on modern cancer treatments in the College of Nursing

The professor of College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Karbala Dr. Muhammad Jassim Jawad with a number of specialized professors, introduce a scientific workshop about modern cancer treatments at the Faculty of Nursing at Karbala University under the title (Therapeutic efficacy of anti-cholesterol in the treatment of cancer and the relationship of food to overlap with treatment), with the participation of researchers and specialists from the faculties of the university.
The workshop aimed to demonstrate the importance of anti-cholesterol therapy in treating types of human cancers, and the relationship of a healthy diet to the success of these treatments.
The lecturers indicated that the causes of cancer differ from one country to another, according to the food habits of that society, the use of perfumes, cosmetics, hydrogenated fats and canned food, which increase the incidence of cancers in our societies.

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