A Training Course at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine entitled “The Effect of Vitamins and Minerals”.

    Under the patronage and supervision of the Dean of the College, Prof. Wefaq Jubouri Al-Bazit the College of Veterinary Medicine organized a training course entitled: The effect of vitamins and minerals

     The training workshop held at the discussion hall for a period of four days, with the participation of a number of researchers, students and faculty staff, in which Prof. M. Dr. Ihab Ghazi Mahdi / a. M. Dr. Ali Hussein Fadel / a. M. Dr. Muhammad Asaad Saleh / m. M. Islam Jawad Kazem , the lecturers at the Branch of Internal and Preventive Medicine.

      The training course aims to show the effect of vitamins on the health and psychological aspect of the individual in our daily life. It included shedding light on the importance of vitamins and minerals, their types and sources, and the proportions needed by the human or animal body alike, as well as knowing the clinical symptoms that accompany their deficiency in the body.

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