The College of Veterinary Medicine /University of Kerbala organized a training course on the types of Corona virus vaccine types and their effects

Under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Dr. Wefaq Al-Bazi The Continuous Education Division at the College of Veterinary Medicine/University of Kerbala organized a free attendance training course entitled (Corona Virus Vaccine Types and Their Effects) for the period from 17-20/10/2021, introduced by Dr. Muhammad Jassim Al-Daami and Assistant Lec. . Iman Jawad and Assistant Lec. Hasnaa Saeed Al-Musawi in the physiology laboratory at the college, with the participation of a number of researchers.
The training course aimed to identify the types of existing vaccines, the way that they work by it , their preparation, and their effect on the body.
It included several topics:
Introducing the virus, the vaccine, the types of well-known Corona virus vaccines in Iraq, how to prepare the vaccines, and the pathological and tissue effects of the virus on those infected with the Corona virus…

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